Friday, August 27, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day

I've been re-reading the books I have about Tasha Tudor's life this week. I was hoping to get inspired again, like I did last year, to do some new projects. What I really got out of the reading this year was just how skilled and knowledgeable she was and what passion she had. I want to build on some of the skills that I already have and continue to gain knowledge about the things I'm passionate about.

I started a shawl last year and got side tracked by other projects, so I'm working on finishing it and I'm almost there. It's not a Tasha shawl I felt that was beyond my basic knitting skills, but some day I hope to make one.

I decided, to celebrate TT day, I would make something out of her cookbook. I would love to bake something but I'm dieting right now. I decided to try her meatloaf because I don't like my meatloaf and she does something unusual with it. She bastes it and then makes gravy from the drippings.

The last thing I gained from reading about her is that she was never idle. She kept busy. I have such a sedentary life style that I would like to become more active and productive. Limiting my time on line is one step in the right direction.

I've joined a yahoo group Take Peace that I read about here. She also give the link for the TT web site. They have a newsletter that comes out occasionally and I want to buy one of their prints.

Edit-Wanted to add for any new people a link to last years Tasha posts here

So Tasha continues to inspire me I hope she does you too.



Storybook Woods said...

Happy Tasha Tudor day. I see Tasha inspiring you all the time xoxox Clarice

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

I came to say Hello, because I read your comment on Dear Clarice's lovely Celebration of Tasha Tudor day. [Storybook Woods blog] Thank you for sharing this lovely post of yours.

Gentle hugs...
Happy Tasha Tudor Day

Heather said...

Hello there! And happy Tasha Tudor Day! I love Tasha's cookbook and the meatloaf is one of our favorites, my husband even requests 'tasha meatloaf' but like you I've been trying to lose some weight so its getting a bit dusty, hehehe....but its perfect for the holidays! I've tried several of her recipes and they're all yummy!~

Barb said...

Hi Linda,

I Love Tasha Tudor Day! It is fun to go back and read about her simple, but never dull life. My husband gave me a Tasha Tudor cookbook for Christmas last year - so I think I will be making something wonderful from it, to celebrate her life.

Hope things are going well for you - I see there is another band of storms coming your way, so they will be coming our way too! Stay warm and happy!


Heidi said...

I did not post this year for Tasha Tudor Day but she remains my inspiration. I agree about the online time and have been deleting Yahoo lists and cutting back on my time on the computer to do more homekeeping and crafting. She showed us that life is about what we fill it with. She did not fill her life with any of our modern things and yet lived a fuller life. I think her discovering simplicity made her fulfilled in ways the computer and TV never could. It is all a tug of war for us in this complicated world.

I remember her daily as I find my thoughts turn to her while I search for peace and simple pleasures in the home.

My mother knitted my a Tasha Tudor shawl years ago. Since then, she has knitted me three other shawls as I use them all the time.

Hugs from Holland ~

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

I've always found her gardens so very inspiring. They seem like a magical place! I haven't looked at her cookbook yet. I'll have to see if the library has a copy.


A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

Hi Linda.. glad to see you posting again. I've never read any of Tasha's books. Was she a follower of Christ?

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Happy Tasha Tudor Day (one day late!). I adored your post. I'd love for you to come and visit with me, if you'd like:
Sincerely, Theresa