Friday, January 1, 2010

How Tasha Influenced My Life in 2009

Well I start this blog in April and on Tasha Tudor Day I started my Tasha Tudor series. This was the highlight of my year because it caused me to do some things I haven't done before or hadn't done for a long long time. Below are the links to the series. I may add to it in the future, but I think it did what I intended in my life.

I'm still working on the shawl. Today I cleaned up my craft room so I can start sewing again. The bulbs have sent up green sprouts. The herbs are still alive and I used some in my Christmas gifts. The last soup I made was a delicious split pea soup with ham hock, see my kitchen blog for recipe. I have my garden books out but haven't started to read them yet. The one I haven't really kept up with is the hour a day on my needlework, too many other things to do and I don't always remember to have tea on Sunday afternoon, but do use my fancy tea pots and cups often.

All in all I'm happy with what my blog has contributed to my life this year and I hope that 2010 will be have even more to look forward to.


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