Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tasha Tudor Lifestyle Pt 3 Bulbs

Tasha planted thousands of bulbs every year. Her method was to dig a big hole or a trench and fill it with bulbs. She also had a lot of them in pots so that she could move them around and bring them in the house.

I haven't planted any bulbs in my current garden, but in honor of Tasha I decided to get some this year.

I'm planting mine in a pot. I don't have a very big garden and the soil is hard to dig in. I have a book called "Beautiful Bulbs" by Georgeanne Brennan and Mimi Luebbermann. I look in there for directions. I got a variety pack of Trumpet and Double Narcissus. So I'm putting them on my front porch in a protected place until they start to grow. Then you are suppose to put them in the sun.

Tasha loved her bulbs and was always fighting the voles who liked to eat them. She had some beautiful parrot tulips and made beautiful bouquets in her house to paint and enjoy.

Because of allergies I've not been able to tolerate most flowers in the house for long. I do enjoy seeing them on my back and front porch. Bulbs are so little work they really are one of God's gifts.

The farm house we lived in several years ago had tons of tulips previous owners had planted and various other small bulbs. It was always a surprise to see what was going to come up each year and by some miracle new ones would pop up, don't know how they got there, some critter possible.

I will think of Tasha every time I look at my pot of bulbs.

An update on my workbasket. I've finished one dishcloth. My knitting isn't perfect, but I'm hoping by the time I finish a few more it will be better. I'm enjoying the process. I haven't been feeling up to par and so I've been laying on the couch in the afternoon and have had ample opportunity to knit. I had to tear out and restart the first one several time, but I think I've got it now.

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