Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tasha Tudor Lifestyle Pt 1 Afternoon Tea

I spent Saturday, the day after TT day rereading the books written about her life. I read Tasha Tudor World and Forever Christmas and I'm reading TT's Garden. I was looking for inspiration. How can I bring some of her world into mine?

I quickly realized many of the things that many of us are trying to do to save money are very much in keeping with her lifestyle. Simple and frugal living. Making as much of your stuff as you can. Raising food, if you can. It was all done with an 1800's aesthetic. She was lucky enough to have many treasures passed down in her family.

But it was her passion to have this lifestyle that really made it happen. Many of us have had the desire, but not the passion to make it happen. I'm never going to live like she did, those days are gone for me. Also I have tried some things and decided it wasn't for me. So what can I take from her life?

One small thing that I decided on today is that Sunday would be a good day to sit down and have tea from a real tea cup and a tray with all the accouterments. I drink tea a lot but I usually have it in the biggest cup I can find because I don't want to have to keep filling up a small cup. Another words I don't want to take the time to keep refilling my cup. That doesn't sound like I'm really savoring that cup of tea, so at least once a week I want to sit and savor and enjoy at Tasha's pace.

I hope to come up with other inspiration but for now it's Sunday afternoon tea.

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