Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tasha Tudor Lifestyle Pt 7 The Shawl

Tasha's shawl is in practically every picture I've seen of her in the cooler weather. She learned to layer to keep warm. I'm knitting a wool shawl, not the Tasha one, but one I saw in Mary Jane Farm this month. It is easy for beginners. It basically is a rectangle with a button hole and 3 buttons. I've also bought smart wool socks and fingerless gloves. I hoping to be very frugal with my heat this year. My gas fireplace really is expensive, so will keep it for special occasions.

When I have more confidence in my knitting I'd like to try a Tasha shawl I know the pattern is on line. I also have a friend that made a shawl that is also a long rectangle and you attach the end to the side of the other end and it become a poncho. I would like to make that one if I can find the right kind of yarn, hers is made with yarn she spun it's very fluffy and she used bigger needles.

When I first moved up here to the pnw I wore long underware made for being outside in the snow. I might look for some more. We lived in a draft old house at that time, my present home is new and not drafty but my legs and feet can get cold if I'm sitting around. We sometimes have mild winters, but the last few years we have had lots of snow and it's windy around here so I should be prepared this year to keep warm if it's cold again.


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