Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tasha Tudor Lifestyle-Pt 6 An Hour a Day

Tasha said that she spent a hour a day working on her flax weaving. It was a long tedious job. I don't weave, but I do do these large counted cross-stitch projects and this one has been sitting there all summer so I'm going to follow Tasha and try and spend time daily working on this. I don't know if I can do an hour right now, but I want to start with 15 mins. and more if I can. I will have to work up to an hour. It's that taking a little bite of the elephant concept. Eventually it gets done. This cross stitch also has beading which I haven't done much of before so I'm sure that will be slow going when I get to it.

Tasha was an amazing weaver, not many people can weave flax and make it look good. I have been doing cross stitch for many years, it was the one craft I was successful at, but it takes many many hours to finish a large project. The flax weaving was the same way. Tasha seemed to be a very disciplined and practical person. She always said her art put bread on the table. Her dd said her mom had a hard life, but Tasha loved it all. She was always busy and very skilled at a lot of different crafts.

It sounds like she had a loom in almost every room and she would take any extra minutes she had to work on them. She was creating cloth for her clothing and her home so she had to keep working. I was surprised to read that she designed and made some of those fabulous dresses she wore for dressing up. I knew about the dolls the doll house and the marionettes. Wasn't the sparrow post a wonderful idea. I hope I will be inspired in the future to try some of these other crafts. I'd love to make some minitures.

For now I'm busy knitting, more about that later.

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