Monday, September 14, 2009

Tasha Tudor Lifestyle Pt 5 Herbs

Tasha had an herb garden and she also grew herbs in her greenhouse for the winter as well as drying them in her attic. Apparently she used herbs a lot for cooking and she made salves and creams. I've been wanting to do more with herbs and I read an article about growing them indoors. They had some suggestions about the easiest ones to grow inside. Yesterday I got garlic chives, regular and Italian parsley and curly mint. I have a rosemary on my porch that winters through. I'm thinking about bringing in my other herbs that are in pots, Greek oregano, sage, pineapple mint. I usually just leave them out and they die back, but come back in the spring. So I'll experiment. I'm leaving them out until frost.

Keeper of the Home is doing a year of herbs and I want to join her in learning more about herbs this year. My best resource for that is I Refuse to Recede. He does wonderful posts about herbs. I will be looking for other resources too, any suggestions? I'm going to start a list on my side bar for easy reference as I find web sites or blogs.

So I plan to try and find out how many ways I can use each herb. I would like to learn to use them in homemade cleaners as well as bath and body products. and medicinal use. I noticed that Tasha uses mixtures of herbs in most things that she cooks and made up her own herb tea blend. Her mixture is chamomile, spearmint, rose petals, rosehips, and blue malva, pretty as well as tasty. She does everything so well, I don't plan to try and emulate her, but just use her as inspiration. I don't have room for a big herb garden and so I think I may buy some dried herbs and medicinal herbal teas. I also have some essential oils in lavender and rosemary and lemon to use in the cleaning products.

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