Friday, May 29, 2009

Stocking up is something I started to do for emergencies. So I started by stocking things that could be heated on a camp stove or eaten as is, lots of water and some other supplies.

Then I started to stock up to save money by freezing meat bought on sale or in bulk and seasonal produce. My daughter and I did a bulk cooking session and froze the entries.

With a full pantry and a full freezer I can cook a meal without going to the grocery store. I've seen challenges on line to see how long you can go without buying and just using what you have. I had to learn to use what I had and not let it just sit there.

Learning to store things properly is something I'm working on. I've had some problems with freezer burn. I keep all my nuts, whole grain flour and grains either in my extra frig or my freezer because I don't use them up fast enough. I've never had a problem with bugs but I keep a lot of my stuff in glass jars.

Keeping an inventory of the freezer and pantry helps to keep track of what you have and what you need. I try to buy things I will actually use and use the oldest first to keep the pantry and freezer active and fresh. I also learned to label things with the date and well as the contents. You have to maintain your food stores if you don't want to waste food. It's easy once you get use to it. If I make a mistake and buy something I'm not using I give it away. I have a small pantry in the kitchen and some shelves in the garage and I don't want to clutter them up with things I'm not really going to use.

I added another blog to my list these are all blogs that have inspired me in the areas I'm talking about. I also added a pastor who has been writing blogs to encourage people during this time. I don't want to forget that God is my source.
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