Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Living and Dinning Rooms- Details

This last picture is one my daughter took for me. She did some posts on stacking china
(this was the one I found but there are more) and this was my interpretation.

I wanted to post some of my spring/summer details because it won't be that long before I'll be changing everything for Fall. I've been making do and using what I have for some time now. I do have one source where I buy small vintage things, but right now I'm just not shopping. So one of the things I do is dry my lavender and hydrangeas. You see a lot of them in my living/dinning rooms. It hydrangea season and I'm just waiting for them to age enough to pick them. We found out that they won't shrivel up if you wait until the petals feel like they are starting to dry. Also I use to dry them in a low oven for a few minutes. The old ones have turned brown but I like the look for summer.

My spring/summer look is a little barer than the rest of the year. I really cozy things up in the fall. Some things don't change and I don't redo my whole house. I mostly just do the living/dinning rooms. Unless I get in the mood or get an idea to redo a whole room. I'm pretty happy with everything right now.

There are more pictures on my Around The House blog.


So I do an after Christmas late winter early spring look, a spring/summer look, fall and Christmas. I don't have an idea yet for fall but I usually use a lot of books and china.
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