Monday, August 17, 2009

Reviewing Priorities

I thought it was time to look at my priorities again. It doesn't take much to get me off track. My new camera has done that, so I decided to see if my priorities have changed and what they are going forward into fall.
  1. walking

  2. losing weight

  3. cooking

  4. schedule

  5. christmas gifts

Family needs and spiritual always come before everything else.

I started out walking to help diabetes and to help me lose weight, but I also realized that I want to know that I can walk to the grocery store if I need to. Also I just want to be fit. So far I'm not losing weight but I've developed the habit now of walking every day and that's a good thing.

I'm trying to get back to the weight I was a few months ago. I started gaining and have lost a little but not much. I'm trying to work out the problems. So this led into my next priority cooking.

I need to be preping my veggies and have things on hand ready to eat to stay on the low carb diet. Having the right thing in the frig. ready to eat will help me not to grab the wrong thing. I'm spending a lot of time in the kitchen right now.

I am renewing my efforts to stay on my schedule. I think it's important to keep my house maintained and my life running well, the schedule helps me do that. My new camera got me off track a bit. I also started deep cleaning my kitchen 15 mins. at a time and plan to go through the whole house this way.

Lastly I want to make some of the Christmas gifts this year and I'm thinking about what I can make, so I need to make that a priority this fall.

So my blog and photography fall to the bottom of the list along with a lot of other things. That doesn't mean I won't do those things it just means that the other things come first. My schedule tells me when I have time to do these things. Without my schedule I tend to do all these thing at the bottom of my list first.

Priorities change that is why I check mine frequently.


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