Wednesday, March 10, 2010

French Soup

Yesterday was my day to make vegetable soup. My gd helped me chop up in small pieces tons of veggies. That morning as I was reading through my blog reader I saw that Tongue and Cheek had a post on how to make vegetable soup. She is not french but has lived in France for many years. I liked her ideas and it reminded me that I have a cookbook on french soup that I never use so I took a look at it, very interesting but kind of ambitious.
That reminded me of the time I was taught to make soup by a french friend of my youngest dd. They were in college together and Marie was spending a few days with us. She showed me how she makes leek soup. I was struck by how simple is was but how good. I haven't made it for years but as I remember it she put in the whole leek (I think about 3 large) green part and white cleaned and sliced, she used only 1 or 2 small potatoes, 1 onion and water to cover by a couple of inches. She got herbs out of my cupboard and told me it didn't matter what kind you used, just use what you like. She used about 3 kinds and also fresh parsley. After it cook about an hour we pureed it and serve it with sour cream added and lots of fresh parsley chopped up. I loved the parsley because it gave it a very herby flavor and I have loved fresh parsley ever since. I remember her telling me she also like to make turnip soup and I've noticed looking in the books that turnip soup or turnips in soup is quite popular in french soup making. They use a lot of chervil kind of a licorice tasting herb and they seem to use cream fraische a lot, instead of our sour cream.
I found a recipe in the French Market cookbook that I would like to try. It is a Creamed Cauliflower Soup which I have made before, but the difference with this one is it has dijon mustard in it and it is garnished with Brie cheese. I love Brie and that sounded wonderful to me. I love adding cheese to a soup and I noticed Tongue and Cheek mentioned Roquefort doesn't that sound yummy.
The soup most people think of as a french soup is French Onion and I've been thinking of giving that a try. I just looked at vegetable soups because that's what I'm interesting in right now. I'll let you know on my kitchen blog how I'm doing with these recipes.
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