Friday, August 20, 2010

Pillows with Button Detail

This is part of what I've been doing this summer. I did several sewing projects that required a lot of hand sewing. I love the sew by hand. I've been using buttons more and more as a detail. I like the tailored look of them. I love this new fabric I got to go with the others I already had. This is my spring and summer look and so I want to make a fall and winter look.

I've been thinking about simplicity again and being off the computer for a while has shown me that it takes up a lot of time so I'm coming back on with the restriction on myself that I can only spend an hour a day on it. So I probably won't be posting as often. Also I want to get a little more personal on my blog and share a little more of my thoughts and not just projects.

I'm looking forward to fall are you?

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