Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day, Quilting and Reading

I found this tutorial on quilting for those that don't know how to do it and those that need a reminder. I'm still washing, trimming and ironing fabric. I looked at a quilt shop and told her I was looking for really cheap fabric and I was able to get a piece on sale for $1.50. She suggested I go to Goodwill and look for dresses or skirts that I could cut up. She said on Mondays that have cheaper prices, so I may give that a try. I keep finding that people are so helpful in this economy, we are all in the same boat.

I had a lovely Mother's Day. I hope you did too. My dd gave me the little bird in the photo. I have a collection of birds in different forms, some of pictures, some candle holders and some figurines. I love to have nature displayed in my home. I also have some nests, birdhouses and other garden related decor. I also got a lovely cup and saucer with Martha and George Washington pictured on them for my Early American collection. My dd's birthday, my single dd, was this week so we celebrated both events. We had a great time, we always laugh a lot when we get together.

I'm almost finished with the Little House books. I'm reading the last series about Martha, Laura's great grandmother who lived in Scotland and it is really fascinating to see how they lived and how superstitious they could be. The cook believed that they had a Brownie in the house and she had to keep it happy by leaving it treats at night. Laura's world seemed so primitive compared to ours, but as you go back in time reading about her mother, grandmother and great grandmother it makes her life seem positively modern in comparison. One of the things I'm enjoying about the Scotland family is how they spin wool and flax and do their needlework. They use linen for sheets and I'm thinking I would love to have real linen sheets. It's all very interesting and my dd sent me the link to the author of the Martha years, blog. 

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