Friday, August 19, 2011

Peter Rabbit Pillow

One of the Christmas gifts I'm making is a pillow with this cross stitch in the front. I'm doing the whole series, but not sure what I'm doing with the rest of them. I'm also working on a crochet project, so I crochet and watch dvd's in the afternoons. I've watched all the extended versions of LOTR and the special features. I was thinking yesterday how inspiring the craft work is. It's makes me want to go the extra mile. The way they detailed everything was extraordinary. I leaned so much from the commentary as well as the extra features, it was just fascinating.

It seems a little cooler this morning. I've been starting to get the fall vibe a little. This week I've been doing some deep cleaning and decluttering. Yesterday I cleaned off the front of my frig. It's like a bulletin board for me. It gets pretty cluttered because I just keep adding stuff to it. I think it's about time to degrease the kitchen, that means getting out the ladder and taking the stuff off the tops of the cabinets so I want to wait until I feel up to it. Last time I did it I replaced all the stuff with things that are easy to wash.

I'm still reading Silmarillion and it's hard going. I read a bio. of Tolkien it was quite interesting. This next week my gd and I are going to start watching Star Wars, I've never seen it. So I'm thinking I may start reading the series by C.S.Lewis for adults that was sort of an outer space trilogy. I tried to read it many years ago.

I cleaned up my pot garden yesterday, it never really did much this year. Everything seemed stunted and just didn't want to grow. I kind of started to ignore it and basically gave up on it. Well there is always next year. I think I said that last year!

Have a good weekend.

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