Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning Drawers and My Den

Well I did all the degreasing in the kitchen a few weeks ago and rearranged my cupboards a bit, but I didn't tackle the drawers, so I'm back in the kitchen. What reminded me of it is that I couldn't fine the thermometer for the yogurt making, I found it. I was surprised how many crumbs there were.  I read in a book I got from the library the idea of thinking about decluttering as choosing those things that you really love or need and finding the proper homes for them, easy access and then with the stuff and the room that's left over you decide what to keep. So I'm trying to do that. I reluctantly eliminated a few things from this draw but not much. As you can see I have 2 meat pounders and I really should let go of the old one. Why am I so reluctant to let go of stuff?

I rearranged my den, it is my favorite way to clean a room. I take everything I can out and start from scratch. I'm happy with the results and I got rid of a lot of dust.

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