Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Waiting and Hope

I was thinking about the word wait in the verses I've been meditating on and I was asking myself am I really waiting or have I just given up. I think the answer is yes I have given up a little.

I saw this 31 Days of Waiting Well I've learned a lot about waiting from reading her posts.

I also found one on hope which is also coming up a lot in these verses and has to do with waiting 31 Days of Hope this is really a good one too.

I've also been looking up references on my meditation scripture for the week Romans 12:12 and the word patience in Greek is the same work for perseverance. It implies that it is not a passive word but takes some work. I'm learning a lot through these scriptures. Waiting is not a passive thing and knowing what your hope is in is important.

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