Saturday, October 6, 2012

4 More 31 Day Blogs of Inspiration

Gospel Homemaking 31 Days to a Routine Ordinary Day I like this one so far, this is her first post and the following ones are at the bottom of the post. She talks about having a quiet time.

I've already given you the link for Living Well and Spending Less, but I thought todays post was brilliant,
 Learn something new without spending a dime.

Clean Mama is doing 31 Days To a Clean House I like this one because she shows you how to do each chore and so far they are things that I don't often do, the first one was cleaning edges and corners.

Townsend House 31 Days of Intentional Living- Last time I gave you another link on this subject. I'm fascinated by the term. I've been trying to work out what I think it means. It seems to me to intend to do something is a little iffy, but I know they are using the term in the same way you would say goals or plans. I think I do lived pretty intentional but one area I was thinking I could be more intentional is in my Christian walk.

So these are some of the 31 Day blogs that are inspiring me this week and there are lots more too. Enjoy your weekend.

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