Monday, October 29, 2012

Aw Space and Responsible Shopping

I'm making good progress on my decluttering. I'm trying to do a little each week so that getting rid of it is not such a big project. For some reason this time I'm ready to let go of the past, all those things that I'm not really using but just storing. I'm starting to notice that I like the feeling of space. I'm beginning to feel like I can breath again. I don't want you to think I had a house stuff with stuff, I didn't, but it was still getting to be too much.

I wanted to share this post from ourfrontporchview on Why Do We Buy Stuff? What really was interesting to me was the popout at the bottom a video The Story of Stuff. After watching this I'm looking at the stuff I'm decluttering and thinking can it be upcycled, is it worth it and will try and keep as much as I can out of the trash, but there is no reason to pass on or keep products that were trash to begin with toxic plastic and so on. I'm also really seeing the value of those homemade items. This may get me moving on making stuff I need instead of buying. It was very motivating video for me. I learned things I didn't know and it helped me connect the dots on our whole production system in this country and how important it is to be a responsible shopper.

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