Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Priorities When My Energy is Low

I've been kind of low energy lately and I decided it was time to look at my priorities again, they keep changing. My idea was to make a list, for when I'm not up to my regular schedule, of what is most important.

I decided after my Quiet Time eating properly was my most important priority and that means cooking and grocery shopping and keeping the kitchen tidy.

So I've given myself permission to put those things first and other housework second.

I did list all my chores in order of priority daily and weekly so that I know their order of importance. There are some things that have to be done and there are things that should be done but it's not the end of the world if they wait until I'm having a better day. I realize why I don't dust very often because without realizing it I've already decided it's low on my priority list.

 Clarifying my priorities helps me to not feel guilty about choosing to let some chores go and at the same time it shows me where I need to put my energies.

After writing this list I felt more energized. Just knowing what I needed to do helped me to direct my energy towards cooking and working on  eating healthy.

It takes time and energy to cook from scratch and when you aren't feeling very energetic getting something easy and probably not as healthy is often what we do. So I've told myself not only that some chores can wait, but also that eating healthy is at the top of my priority list and that I need to make the effort to cook healthy foods and not go for the premade less healthy choice.

Now if I could come up with some healthy choices to have in my freezer or pantry that are ready to go that would be even better, something to work on.

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