Monday, October 1, 2012

Quiet Time Spot

It took me a while to figure out the best place to do a quiet time.
I've turned my library table into my quiet time spot. I enjoy sitting here and I have plenty of room for a binder and several books.

 Besides what I've already mentioned I've been doing a study in Col. with the Good Morning Girls. We're just starting week 3. I'm enjoying the study. I looked at several on line studies that were starting and this was the one that caught my interest. I like that you can print up a page to write the verses and some observations, how to apply it and a prayer. I also like the bookmarker you can print up with all the verses. I like to check them off as I do them. So far Col has fit in nicely with the verses I've been meditating on and the fear not verses.

This morning I started reading about something call 31 Days of Hidden Potential. It's not a spiritual study but just people writing for the month of Oct. about something that's important to them that they want to share with other to learn something new, some of them will be on a spiritual theme. It's a chance to read some good writing. Nester  has the list of those participating. I'd like to do this some time, but not this year.


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