Monday, November 12, 2012

Decluttering: Needs Change

I'm decluttering my gift wrap supplies. I've been trying to use up the paper and ribbon I had stock piled for several years now, but I still have paper, gift bags and tissue that is old and I really don't like or has been reused several times, so I decided to choose a container for each and only keep what I like and what fits in the container. I'm recycling all the rest. I have a big pile of used tissue.

So I still have plenty of paper for Christmas. I realized that we have cut back so much on gifts now that I don't really need that much. Ribbon is the one thing I have had to buy.

I've decluttered 2 more closets now. I'm letting go of things I've hung on to because I didn't know where to take them like an old stereo system. My dd convinced me that the old tapes probably aren't any good now, which is one of the things they talk about, if you keep it too long no one can use it. I'm beginning to see the wisdom in the idea that if you haven't used it for a year pass it on.

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