Thursday, January 10, 2013

Low Carb Dieting Again

I've seen a lot of people picking a word for the year that represents their goals and resolutions. I've tried but haven't come up with anything other than discipline, I need some.

I saw my doctor this week and my weight is up a lot 14 lbs. from my lowest and my cholesterol is a little high. I know that the weight also gives me bad liver numbers so anyway it's motivation to change. I've been working on getting back on my low carb diet.

Last week I told myself no more wheat and this week it's been potatoes, next week it will be rice. I've also cut way down on fruit. I'm trying to eat more veggies. My breakfast is good, I have scrambles eggs with veggies and goat cheese and this week I've started having a salad for lunch with some kind of protein like nuts or cheese and sometimes fish or meat. Next week I'm going to work on dinner, more veggies and some protein.

As far as sugar of course that is out. I use stevia and occasionally coconut sugar for baking. I've found in the past that the low carb baking using almond and coconut flours and a few others is ok in small amounts, but if I get too carried away with them I'll gain weight. I think it's the fat. Nuts are good but in small amounts, too many will cause you to gain.

I'm still doing non dairy except for cheese. I use almond or coconut milk in my tea and baking.

I'm still having trouble with veggies not appealing to me but I read somewhere recently that it is a sign on bad nutrition. When you eat well and get your nutrients like minerals you want to eat veggies, so I'm just going to make myself eat them and hope I start to like them again. The last time I juice that happened. Suddenly veggies appealed to me. I was going to start juicing again but in cold weather it doesn't appeal so much and it does end up giving me more fruit than I really should have, so I'm not sure about the juicing right now.

So that's my focus now.


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