Monday, March 25, 2013

Emergency Packs

A few years ago I made up an emergency tote bag for the car and a small backpack. I decided it was time to go through them again and get new food and see if I wanted to change any of the items in them.

We were told for our area that we would probably have to stay in our homes in a emergency, but you try to cover the possibility of having to leave so I made up a backpack to carry and a tote for the car.

The idea of the backpack was something you could grab and carry that would be short term use. I had some personal hygiene items in it, some water, beef jerky and protein bars. A set of clean underwear. I was kind of laughing as I looked at this stuff and wondered would I really care about personal hygiene and clean underwear. I also realized with my age and a bad back I doubt I could really carry this thing very far. The car tote was for more food and clothing.

I'm replacing some of the medicine and foods that are outdated, but I think I'm doing it more because I think I should than because I think it will really be all that useful. The thing is I don't know what would be better.

I've let my emergency pantry kind of get used up. I have some dehydrated foods and plenty of stuff in my freezers, but I need to work on getting some more canned items, so that is next.

Do you have an emergency plan, and do you update it once in a while? Of course prayer is the most important plan, but I believe in taking some action also. My faith will always be in God's plan and His care.

I'm still working on my decluttering list and this was on that list, so one more area done.

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