Monday, May 6, 2013

Current Read-Cassandra Chan

I found this book by chance in the library and I really loved it. It is a British mystery about a Scotland Yard's sergeant Jack Gibbons  and his side kick a wealthy young man, Philip Bethancourt who is fascinated with figuring out who done it. Philip has a large dog, a Borzoi.called Cerberus who goes everywhere with him. You get a combination of gritty police work and high society.

Cassandra Chan has written 4 books so far and this was the last one.  I decided to read the series in reverse

Trick of the Mind is her third book and I'm now starting her second book Village Affairs. They are in the country for this one.

Here is her author page. I highly recommend these if you are into British mysterys.

My new blog is coming along, should be up soon.

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