Monday, June 1, 2009

Having Fun With Food Storage- This is a web site I saw on Falling Like Rain I love anything that has baby steps so I got excited about this site. You can sign up for a baby step program that will lead you to having your emergency storage in good shape in a year. The link is on my side bar.
Falling Like Rain also has an excellent post about simple living and things to think about.

We had someone come talk to our neighborhood about emergencies in this area and were told we would not be evacuted but would have to stay put and to be prepared for 2 weeks. So not all the information on this site applies to me, but I'm going to take what does and try and let it motivate me to work on my emergency supplies. I really don't have the money to do too much, but that is part of what they are trying to do is show you how you can do this slowly so you don't have to put out too much money at once. I think wisdom from God is important in these areas because you can get into fear and go overboard, but it's common sence to have some extra food, water and batteries. Depending on you situation you might need a car kit and so on. We all saw what happened in New Orleans. Ultimately pray is your greatest safe guard.
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