Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I been reading books about The Great Depression. I wanted to see how they got by. First I have to say they had it much worse then we do. Most of the fiction seems to be about small towns and farms. I've noticed the people that were in need helped each other and shared what they had. The people that weren't in need seem to be oblivious to what was going on and didn't really help.

People were very proud in those days and taking help from the government was very difficult for them and they only did out of desperation.

Everyone had a garden, sometimes on vacant property near by, but because of the drought in many areas they weren't very productive, so when someone got a good crop they shared. They did without many of the things we would consider basic needs, water, power, telephone. Some people on farms had enough fruit trees and wild foods in their area to keep them from starving along with the family cow and chickens at least for a while.

Another thing I learned is that this went on for years. It wasn't over in a year or two. I never thought we would see what's happening in our world today but we are in better shape, at least most of us then they were and we have more help from the government. I'm not sure if people out there are helping people, but I think they probably are.

I love to read history and love the WWII era. Maybe it's because I was a child then, although I don't remember anything about it. It not the war but what was happening back home and in Britian that fascinates me. So I want to read about the end of the depression and the beginning of WWII if I can find a book that deals with that.

I appreciate the values of the past but realize they had their problems too. I think having this downturn in our economy is going to remind us of some of those values and how good life can be when we live simply.
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