Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Crazy

My family thinks I'm crazy because I've started 4 more blogs besides this one. I mentioned
Fit For Him before my blog for keeping track of my health habits that I'm trying to do.

I also started My Anchor for bible study. I was having trouble getting myself to get into the bible daily and thought a blog might get my going and it would be a good place to keep track of studies I'm doing and notes from sermons. It has helped but I'm not doing it daily. I do like having a place to record my favorite verses and just verses that I want to remember.

So being those 2 have been fun and useful I started wanting to start one for the kitchen and housekeeping so I started In The Kitchen and Around The House to keep track of projects and info about those 2 subjects. I posted my schedule on Around The House and the spring and summer projects I've been doing on In The Kitchen, also what I made for recent birthday party for daughter and picture she took of table. I only plan to post on those blogs as needed. I will probably add recipes at some point and if I get a camera pictures of projects.

These blogs are really for me. I wanted a place to keep track of things that might be boring to readers, so didn't want to put them on here. Also I liked being able to have a place for each part of my life.

So I just wanted to share the idea of doing different blogs as a way of keeping track of goals or information on different parts of your life. I don't feel I have to worry about readers although anyone can and is welcome to read them. I also don't feel I have to post on them daily. They don't take away from my main blog Foxtales because there purpose is totally different.
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