Monday, August 3, 2009

Learning as a Lifestyle

These are pictures my gd took of my Statue of Liberty and Empire State Bldg. collection. She was showing me how to use her camera. I'm so excited I'm getting one just like hers. I should have it Wens. I can finally use my own photos for my blogs. I'm hoping it will get me out more. One of my healthy habits that I haven't been doing is to get out more in the sunshine and fresh air, other than my morning walks I stay home. I think the camera will give me a reason to go out.

I also want to be able to take pictures of my decor so that when I change it seasonally I will be able to see what I did before. It will also be fun to take pictures during the holidays of all my decorations. My new Around the House blog is where I want to keep all the pictures of my home.

I also want to take pictures of the window boxes in my neighborhood. There are some beautiful ones. Mine is empty. It's not easy to do a nice window box. They are quite long.

I've never been a great photographer, but hope to improve with practice. My dd is going to show me how to use online sites to crop and enhance my photos. So much to learn.

Learning new things is what keeps me excited about life. That's why I wanted this blog to be about learning new things. I'm constantly challenging myself to make my life better by learning new things. I like to cook and have had to learn how to cook for diabetes. The budget restraints have caused me to learn to make wiser choices. The computer is the biggest learning curve I have, but I'm taking it slowly.

Come Sept. I'm going to be trying to make gifts and I'm not really very crafty, so I will be learning to be more creative. I have a lot of fabrics for quilting, but haven't quilted for some time. Rather than try to quilt I just want to try and make some patchwork projects.

Next summer I want to expand my pot garden and try and grow more veggies in pots and learn more about pot gardening.

So I constantly have plans for new things I want to learn.
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