Thursday, October 8, 2009

Herbal Tea Blends

I've been trying some herb tea blends. The Herbal Tea Garden book has a chapter about herb tea blends. She talks about after the Boston Tea Party someone suggested they try some of their native plants and she gives several suggestions for 2 herb blends, then 3 herb blends and multi herb blends. So I'm experimenting.

This book doesn't really talk about medicinal properties so much as just having herb tea to enjoy. I've had a hard time finding herb teas in the grocery store that I like. So the first one I tried was rosemary and lavender. I liked it. I love rosemary. One of our favorite black teas from Eastern Shores Tea has rosemary in it. I wanted to try combining this duo with some other herbs. In Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal I found a blend of several herbs to use as a nerve tonic and for depression. So I tried that today it has a lot of chamomile in it and I'm not crazy about chamomile although it's not too bad, but I decided to add the rosemary along with the other herbs in the remedy lemon balm, lavender and roses and it toned down the chamomile flavor.

I want to try sage and lemon balm. A 3 herb blend I want to try is thyme, rosemary and spearmint. Then a multi blend is rosemary, lavender, lemon balm, spearmint and cloves. Most of these recipes are a tablespoon of each herb and a cup of tea is made with a teaspoon of the blend. I steep for 5 mins. It's all according to taste unless you are doing a medicinal mixture. Rosemary has you steep the medicinal blends more like 20 mins. I do look up the medicinal purposes of each herb because I don't want to be drinking something all the time that may cause a problem.

As I said before I don't grow all these herbs, but I've bought dried herbs. I harvest some of my herbs today. I was told in the nursery that they like to be trimmed regularly, it helps them to grow more. So I cleaned up all my plants and pruned them back and I'm drying all the herbs. I'm hanging the bigger ones and just laying out the smaller bunches.

Rosemary was a friend of Tasha's and she says some very nice things about her and says she was a very good herbalist. As I was pampering my plants today and cleaning them and gave them a good soak I thought of Tasha and how she loved her plants and loved to groom them.

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