Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Color for Porch

I looked at my porch one day and thought it is so drab, it has no color, nothing is in bloom and it needs some color. So I got the idea to make an oil cloth table cloth for the table, which I think turned out really well. You can't tell in the picture but it has a scalloped edge. I need to pain my chairs one of these days.
Next I found the English Daisies and the cute stripped pot. I love these daisies and I found out they are perennials so I could put them in the ground at some point.
I went back and got more daisies for my bench by the door and these green bamboo pots. You can put you plant directly in the bamboo pots and later plant the whole thing in the ground and they will disintegrate. Actually I got them because I liked the bright cheerful green. I have a dark eggplant door and a light yellowish house and wasn't sure what colors to put with it, but I ended up treating both as neutrals because they are subtle, it worked.
Last I found the welcome flag. I was looking for something to hang on the wall like a peace of art, so I choose to hang it on the wall rather than as a flag. We have strict CC&R's about what can go on your outside so I don't know if I'll get a complaint that it is too big. I hope not. I really didn't think about it when I bought it.
I've been wanting to start working on my veggie pots on the back porch but we have been getting some cold weather still and frost. I still may try some lettuce and put it close to the house.

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