Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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I've been thinking about housekeeping. I got out some of my binders for inspiration, they talk about puttering, green cleaning, just making a house a home. I think my house is a home already but I feel like I would like to do more puttering, more dusting and tweaking. As FlyLady says blessing my home.
I do have a schedule that I keep to loosely and my home stays pretty neat. My big downfall is dusting. I couldn't believe how much dust I found when I cleaned my bedroom last time. I think one of the problems is that dusting is on my weekly schedule at the end of the week and I'm tired by then or doing special projects. If it doesn't get done at the beginning of the week it may not get done. So I'm trying to motivate myself to make this a part of my daily chores. I want to use essential oil more in my home and that is something I could do as I'm puttering. I've been trying to use up my chemical cleaners before I make my own, but I'm thinking maybe I should just throw them out and start doing more green cleaning.

I've enjoyed all the cooking I've been doing, but I'm starting to cook less (less appetite) and I think this would be a good time to do more puttering. I've been reading the Miss. Read books and I noticed some of the characters "put to rights" their rooms each day and that includes dusting. Every once in a while they "turn out" a room, deep clean. It use to be a matter of pride to have a clean home, now we are more interested in decorating.

Everyone has been talking about spring cleaning and really I've been doing that since Jan. I redid all of my upstairs rooms and in the process they were thoroughly cleaned. I then did my office and the kitchen was done not too long ago. I also did my master bath recently, so things are in pretty good shape, but it's more a matter of keeping them up now. I remember when I cleaned my bedroom and saw all that dust I thought well now that it's clean I'll have to keep it that way, dust is not good for allergies.

So this is a funny post to have just before Easter, but this is what's on my mind and I expect I'll be in this mode until something else takes my fancy. I've been wanting to get started on my pot garden, but it's still too cold. I have some lettuce in a pot so far and I hope they don't freeze.
The photo is my housekeeping book. I made it some time ago and printed the image from the net. I don't remember where I got it but if some one recongizes it as their image I'd love to give you credit.
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