Friday, August 27, 2010

Tasha Tudor Day

I've been re-reading the books I have about Tasha Tudor's life this week. I was hoping to get inspired again, like I did last year, to do some new projects. What I really got out of the reading this year was just how skilled and knowledgeable she was and what passion she had. I want to build on some of the skills that I already have and continue to gain knowledge about the things I'm passionate about.

I started a shawl last year and got side tracked by other projects, so I'm working on finishing it and I'm almost there. It's not a Tasha shawl I felt that was beyond my basic knitting skills, but some day I hope to make one.

I decided, to celebrate TT day, I would make something out of her cookbook. I would love to bake something but I'm dieting right now. I decided to try her meatloaf because I don't like my meatloaf and she does something unusual with it. She bastes it and then makes gravy from the drippings.

The last thing I gained from reading about her is that she was never idle. She kept busy. I have such a sedentary life style that I would like to become more active and productive. Limiting my time on line is one step in the right direction.

I've joined a yahoo group Take Peace that I read about here. She also give the link for the TT web site. They have a newsletter that comes out occasionally and I want to buy one of their prints.

Edit-Wanted to add for any new people a link to last years Tasha posts here

So Tasha continues to inspire me I hope she does you too.

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