Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Centerpiece

I did my fall decorating. This is what I did with my dinning room table. I decided I wasn't ready to do pumpkins and will add them later. This especially the mantle (which I'll show you later) ended up looking kind of like a Tasha Tudor look. My original idea was to use my old books. I have a lot of country living, mostly in New England type books and, what it was like in the old days type books, that I wanted to showcase. I like to put out books I haven't read for awhile, in the hopes I might pick one up.

I usually do my decorating by starting with the bones and then adding the little accents. As I think of things or find things I add them. I want my fall decor to be cozy. I had to put away my pretty pillows I made this summer, but I really don't mind because the old ones feel so much more like fall.

The leaves are from previous years, they are ironed between wax paper. I love acorns and have these wooden ones, some real ones and some little wax ones that are candles. I also have beautiful fabric one that my daughter made me and a metal one that I use with my wax candle squirrel.

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