Thursday, April 7, 2011

Frugal Tips and What I'm Up To

If you're not reading Tongue and Cheek's posts on her trip to China you should be. It's fascinating and beautiful and she is witty as ever. This is the current post but start at the beginning of her trip after you read this one.

I'm thrilled I got a prepaid cell phone and no longer have a monthly fee. They also have a box to add to your home phone for $20 a month and it is both local and long distance. I haven't decided if I'm going for that or not. So next week I'm going to try and look into insurance home and auto. I'm thinking maybe I can bundle.

I'm almost done with my scarf and got circular needles to start on the hat soon. It's been grey and rainy here just about every day. I've been watching "Campion" British detective, sort of. The actor played Tristin in All Creatures. I like him he's funny and very dapper in this show. His side kick Lug is very funny too and quite the opposite of Campion. I read the book Laura Ingles Wilder wrote about her trip to San Francisco to visit her dd Rose in 1915, "West From Home". It was very interesting to me because I use to live there. She talks a lot about the Great World Fair that was celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal. I've always heard about the fair but never read anything about it. There were photos too. Anyway it was a good read for me and anyone interested in San Francisco. I'm continuing to read the Rocky Ridge series and I have a new crochet mystery.

The next catagory of blogs I want to share is frugal tips. A lady I've known on line for quite awhile has a blog called Living on Less Money which she has had to learn to do. She is sharing her experience and some good tips. I have several frugal sites that I like and I've put a list on them on my side bar. If you have any good ones please share. I'm in the process of changing it.

Have a good day.

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