Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Decorating-Birds and Birdhouses

I finally changed my decorations to a spring look. My theme is birds and birdhouses. I have all these little ceramic and glass birds that my dd and gd's have given me.

I also rearranged my furniture and love the new arrangement.

I also brought out all those pillows I made last year and the granny squares. Everything looks so bright.

I will probably keep this through the summer as I started so late. We could have a short one.

I have beach stuff that I sometimes use in the summer months.

We are finally getting some sun but still cool. My container veg. garden hasn't done much yet.

I'm enjoying The Narnia Chronicles. I'm realizing what a talented writer he was and how creative he was. I'm thinking of reading his Space Trilogy after this. I know I've read at least one of the books but didn't understand it very well. I'm still reading Little Women and I've been watching the movies. I have 3 different versions of it. I like the newest one the best. I'm finding that I usually like the book better than the movie.

I started working on some counted cross stitch for Christmas. I've been working on cutting squares for the quilt too, but slowly.

I'm still doing the Somersizing Diet but I also have read "The New Atkins For a New You" and am incorporating some of their ideas. I think it will be targeting me diabetes a little better. The big difference in this diet is that you count carbs and then after the initial induction period you start adding a little at a time until you reach the optimum carb level at which you can still lose weight. It's hard to start on a very low carb diet forever, so I'm hoping this will help me to figure that part out.

Have a great week. My gd and I watched "Inception" with Leo DiCaprio it was very intense but interesting.


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