Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reading Tolkien-Obsession

This is another photo from the beach. I'd love to see the view from those windows.

I've finished The Lord of the Rings and now I'm starting The Silmarillion also by Tolkien. I've really enjoyed these. I liked them better than The Chronicles of Narnia. I was moved by many things in the stories, the courage and bravery of the main characters. I thought the story really showed the effects of an evil obsession on a person. We don't realize sometimes that we are selling our souls to our obsessions and then they become addictions. There were prices to be paid for the bravery and for the evil. I also saw compassion for a person (Gollum) that was trapped by his obsession (the ring), by Frodo because he knew the strength of the power of the ring and he knew he could end up in the same place. It showed that we need to have compassion for those that are trapped in the clutches of an obsession. Maybe you don't think that would ever happen to you, but it can and even as a Christian I know that I have to rule my emotions and my body or they will rule me. God's grace gives me forgiveness, but I'm still responsible for choosing to ask for it and as a result choosing to turn away from that which calls me into bondage.

I hope this isn't too heavy or preachy, but I just thought I'd write a little about how this series spoke to me.

I've been feeling I'm in some sort of transition, but I haven't figured out what it is yet. I feel restless and like I want to change things up a bit, but also like I'm waiting for something. So we will see.

I'm trying to get up the motivation to get into the kitchen more and do some cooking, but I've been really lazy and not too hungry.

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