Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Tasha Tudor Day

We all know Tasha loved her garden. She spent a lot of time in it. So I thought that I would start a new Tasha tradition of planting a new plant in my garden on Tasha Tuday Day. I have to go to the nursery but would like to find a lilac. I've been wanting one for some time. They grow very well up here in the pnw. So that's what I'm going to do today or tomorrow, but next year I'll plan ahead so I can do it on the day.

I plan to read "Drawn From New England" by Bethany Tudor and may come up with some other ideas. I thought of trying to update some of her recipes.

I hope you enjoy the day. Go see Suzanne's lovely post with links to other people and my dd's         Tasha Glam post.

The photos are my hydrageas, that are beautiful this year.

Have some Tasha fun today.

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