Friday, October 28, 2011

House Cleaning Schedules-Getting On Track Before the Hollidays

Some of my favorite cleaning things, baking soda, homemade all-purpose cleaner and baby diapers.

I've was inspired by Tidy Mom to work on my cleaning schedule again. After being sick for a while I've let some things go. So this past week I've been working on the daily chores. Her is her post on dailies. She has lots of tips and ideas. You always have to customize these chore charts for yourself.

 What I'm working on is making my bed every morning before I go downstairs.

 I also wipe out the bathroom sink I just used and give the toilet bowl a swish.

 Before bed I make sure the kitchen is all tidy and the dishes are all put away so that I'm ready to go in the morning.

 I also wipe out the sink in the downstairs powder room and swish the toilet bowl.

 On personal note I always drink a glass of water while I'm checking my email before I have breakfast. I want to add drinking a glass of water before bed. Not right before bed, maybe an hour before. I read that we get dry during the night and sleep better if we drink a glass of water. I've started testing for my diabetes so the first thing I do before I put anything is my mouth is test my fasting blood sugar.

 Next week I'm going to work on weekly chores, I've been thinking about them and I always have a hard time deciding what day to do what. My Mondays are pretty set as the day I do laundry, I also want to make that my kitchen day as I already clean out the frig that day. Tidy Mom has pdf print outs for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly chore suggestions. Here is the link for her yearly suggestions and the pdf's are in this same post.

I've collected lots of cleaning ideas on Pininterest here are some.

Magic Spot Cleaner for your carpets

Freshen Your Mattress

Clean Chrome With Baby Oil

The Miracle of Baking Soda and Peroxide

Our fall color is fast being blown away by the windy weather. The street cleaners were out yesterday. I was thinking I wish they would leave them I love seeing the leaves on the ground and I need to get out and collect some to wax. Mine are getting kind of old.

Happy Fall Cleaning the holidays will be here before you know it.
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