Saturday, October 22, 2011

Salsa Verde

I wanted to explore sauces and this is the first, Salsa Verde.

Link to Salsa Verde and Chicken Wings from Guy Fieri on Food Network.

Salsa Verde otherwise known as Green Sauce. I always thought it was a Mexican sauce with chili peppers and tomatillas which it can be. It has many different guises. I realized this when I saw a recipe in the French book for green sauce that was parsley, tarragon, garlic, capers, green olives and olive oil.

 I've bought bottles of the Mexican version but the idea of fresh herbs with garlic and capers sounds much more interesting to me. I wanted to try this but have been sick so maybe next week. So I did some research to see what other recipes I could find for this sauce which is new to me and I came up with many different versions used with fish, lamb, meat balls, chicken, tacos and other Mexican dishes.

 It it a pretty versatile sauce because the components can be changed to fit the meal. The Italian version has Italian parsley and mint with anchovies. Sometimes shallots are used instead of garlic and I even saw scallions used. There is a citrus version with orange and lemon is often used.

 So try mixing up your own version. It's a cup of olive oil usually, but I think I'll use less because I don't want to have a lot left over. Anyway everything is usually thrown into a blender and blended leaving a little texture, it's up to you how smooth. I also saw a version that was mixed in a bowl and the ingredients were finely minced. It's a little like Pesto but more interesting I think.

I want to continue to learn some new sauces. I was thinking of sauces using roasted red pepper they would add so much color to the plate. Does anyone have a favorite sauce that doesn't have dairy in it?

I'm better but it's one of those bugs that wants to come back so I'm being very careful about what I eat. We are getting fall color how about your area.

Happy Cooking
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