Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trip to Gig Harbor

My gd and I went to Gig Harbor for a little outing. We looked at decorations and antiques. There is a Christmas store with 2 levels or ornaments and downstairs village stuff. I wanted to get another tree for my village. I bought myself this ornament.

There is a home decorating store that always has around 12 trees decorated beautifully. We thought these ornaments were interesting.

I liked the red plaid on this tree.

We had lots of fun. Had lunch at the Red Rooster, a cute little cafe on the water and later enjoyed the deep leather chairs at the coffee house with out latas. We knew it was time to go when we were falling asleep in those chairs. Lots of walking and fresh air. Also they have a new British shop that has homemade meat pies made by a local lady and lots of Christmas treats.

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