Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gluten-free Diet and More Butler Stories

This is a beautiful hand painted candle my gd made for me for Christmas. I put it in a bed of lavender buds on one of my favorite platters from Portugal. This is on my coffee table.

We had a lovely luncheon get together today to celebrate my birthday. Thankyou wonderful family.

I'm now doing gluten-free to try and help my tummy issues, plus we've changed some of my medications. I tried doing gluten-free once before but I didn't really get all the gluten out of my diet. I'm already on a low carb diet, but sometimes I cheat, so no more cheating. I'm learning about all the things that have gluten in them besides baked items, like soy sauce, canned soups. So I'm reading labels and have a list of ingredients to look for. Simple Gluten-free has some good information under new the gf, at the top of the page. Gluten-free Goddess has a page on how the go gluten-free. Because of my low carb diet I'm not trying to do gluten-free breads. I make that sort of thing out of almond flour which has no grain or carbs in it. I've already lost some weight also. The challenge is that I really have to make everything from scratch, even more than I was doing. So far I'm feeling better, but will see how it goes this week. Unfortunately I've been called for jury duty. I asked to be excused but apparently wasn't.

I'm continuing to read and watch butler movies and books. The last one I watched was "Remains of the Day" which was about a butler and a housemaid that were in love but felt they couldn't acknowledge it, at least he felt that way. My dd got the Downton Abby dvd's, so I've seen the whole thing now, but I won't spill the beans. I'm reading another Daisy Dalrymple mystery, but when I finish that I'm going to read "Carry on, Jeeves" by P.G. Wodehouse. It's about a manservant and his boss, not quite the same as servants in a manor house.

Have a great weekend.
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