Friday, March 23, 2012

Baking Day-Grain-free Apple Puff Pancake

I gave the link before for this but here it is again. It didn't puff up that much, but it tasted good. Some of my apples were a little undercooked so next time I need to make sure they are all sliced very thin. This recipe used a couple of ingredients that are new to me canned coconut milk and coconut sugar.

I made another recipe that didn't turn out. It was a muffin that was suppose to taste like a doughnut but it was bitter tasting. It had a lot of the flax seed meal in it and I'm wondering if my flax meal is old even though I just bought it. I did some research on flax and they said if it's bitter it's rancid. There is a learning curve in baking with these alternative flours and finding recipes that work for me. I liked the flavor the coconut milk gave my puff, it was subtle but I could slightly taste it and it seemed sweet enough so the crystals seem to work. I'm enjoying my baking day but I can't get it all done in one day. I get too tired. I still need to make something savory like bread or biscuits. I could almost use 2 baking days. I'll have to think about that.  


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