Sunday, March 4, 2012

Broccoli and Healthy Green Kitchen

I was looking for a different recipe for broccoli and found this. She calls it the best broccoli of your life. It's roasted broccoli and I'm sure if I'll like roasted broccoli but decided to give it a try because of all the other things she adds to the broccoli. I'm trying to get away from plain veggies. She also has a link to a recipe for roasted broccoli and shrimp which I want to try.

Here is another one for a broccoli and bacon salad. It's a low fat recipe and I don't care about that but I like the idea of broc. and bacon, also cranberry and red onion. So I think I'll try this one too.

I found an interesting site Healthy Green Kitchen. She is doing a post each week called One Simple Change
I love this kind of thing. She started it in Jan. and the link I gave you is the archive page so they are all there. I was happy to see that so far I'm doing a lot of them already, but I did see a few things that I could try. I esp. liked the sixth post Fresh Air Every Day.

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