Saturday, March 3, 2012

Surprised By Oxford

I was sad to finish this book, Surprised By Oxford by Carolyn Weber. I didn't want to leave Oxford. It tells the spiritual journey of a woman who goes to Oxford to study literature. Oxford seems like an unlikely place to find God, but she does. She considered herself an agnostic. I enjoyed reading about her adventure of coming to faith. She meets a lovely man who answers many of her questions and challenges her to read the Bible for herself. It just reminded me that faith is a gift and needs to be nurtured. My own spiritual life has been a little dry lately so it helped me to remember how special it is to have faith and how it is a process and that it needs to continue to grow. She was challenged to read the Bible and that changed her a lot. I've been thinking I need to challenge myself to get back to reading the Bible more and looking at it with new eyes like a person that has never read it before. Sometimes reading a new version does that.

 This book was very descriptive of life in Oxford as a student and that was a lot of fun to read. I found that Carolyn has a blog here and if you are interested in literature it is a good place to hang out. She is now a professor, wife and mother.

I'm going to leave Oxford now for a little while to read Below Stairs, but plan to revisit with some C.S. Lewis reading later.

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