Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm reading another book about C.S.Lewis "The Inklings" by Humphrey Carpenter. I'm inspired by Lewis, he loved nothing more than a big cup of tea and a long book but he also loved nature and every spring he and some of his Oxford friends took a walking tour

"It was an idyllic way to spend three or four days. Footpaths were plentiful, motor traffic rarely disturbed the quiet of the countryside, roads were often unmetalled and comfortable to the feet, inns were numerous and cheap, so that reservations for the night were not often necessary, and pots of tea and even full meals could be bought in most villages for the smallest sums. Much of rural England was in fact still as it had been in the nineteenth century."

They stopped mid morning for beer or cider, at lunch time and at tea time for tea. I can't think of anything nicer than to walk from pub to pub to tea house. He didn't consider it hiking, he said it was just a walk even though they often did 20 miles a day or more.

In reading about his preferred schedule I noticed he took a 10 min walk daily after lunch. So I decided to adopt the same habit. The weather has been a bit nicer. I would love to live in England and be able to take walking tours like he did but I don't and he was a lot younger then. I will try and make the most of my walks though and in a C.S.Lewis kind of way maybe stop for a cup of tea downtown. Right now I'm just doing 10 mins. until I get use to it again. It's hilly here so I have to get use to the hills again.


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