Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Primal is another name for Paleo. I just got this from the library. They eat a lot of meat in this diet and I have a hard time getting very much meat down, so I was interested in his recipes because they were different from what I usually cook. For instance I want to try his Italian Pot Roast and his Transylvania Stockpot which is a cabbage and sausage soup. So he's left out the flour, potatoes, rice and other things that are often in most recipes and used Paleo/Primal friendly ingredients like onions, cabbage, cauliflower. He also has some interesting desserts but unfortunately he uses dairy in some of them. He does have a baked custard using coconut milk so I'll have to try that.

I decided to add a link for you here. I started subscribing to this one.

I also wanted to share that I finally saw a G.I. doctor yesterday and there is nothing serious wrong with me. I told him about the changes in my diet and he encouraged me to continue them for now. He has given me a pro-biotic and wants me to start taking Benefiber, so eventually I may be able to go back to a normal diet, we will see. I think it may take a while to heal my system. Also he is having me take 800 units of vit E a day for fatty liver. I know a lot of people have this that is why I'm sharing. It's common if you have diabetes.


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