Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning with a Twist

I finished decluttering my bathroom and now plan to do the linens, but I saw this intriguing idea
 Spring Cleaning the Toxins from Keeper of the Home, did you know candles can be toxic. She also had a great post of ideas for using your canning jars for a lot of different purposes. I got rid of my plastics for the most part but not 100%. I still use plastic wrap.

 Just what I need another project, but I might include some of her ideas in my deep cleaning. I threw out a lot of out of date stuff from my bathroom and realized I have to keep better track and also go back to using natural homemade products. I'm also going to start buying smaller bottles of things like Advil so that I use it before it expires. I bought several large bottle of it at Costco once and I think I ended up throwing out most of them because they expired before I used them. I think I also need to start writing a date on things just like I do in my freezer, so I know just how old they are.

 I started using a homemade shampoo that my dd made and so far I like it, may hair feels softer. I made all this stuff a couple of years ago and have drifted back to buying it instead. I'm basically lazy sometimes, but also it takes some trial and error to find homemade recipes that you like. Does anyone make their own?

Cleaning the linens is probably going to be more about just reorganizing them. I have a hard time letting go of that kind of stuff.

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