Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Greek Chicken

Here is the link. The photo is the chicken ready to put into the oven. As you can see I used several different kinds of pieces and I used cloves of garlic instead of a whole garlic and my onion is in smaller pieces. I didn't make the Tzatziki sauce, also I'm sure it would be wonderful, I just made a similar sauce with the lamb last week and I can't eat pita bread although I have a recipe for a grain-free one that I want to try some time. I'm cutting down a little on the baking for now. The other thing I did different is I added some of the baby zucchini when the chicken was almost done and roasted those too.

I love roasted red onion and garlic. I never have tried roasted olives and they were delicious too. I have another recipe I want to try that uses green olives and prunes. I started this in a 350 oven because something else was in the oven and then turned it up to 375. I also cooked it a lot longer than the recipe calls for because I like my chicken well done and crispy.


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