Saturday, May 19, 2012

How My Schedule Works Pt 2

Just as the Morning Schedule keeps me on track for the day. The Weekly Schedule keeps on track for the week. It's nice to sit here on Saturday morning and know that my house is clean and my chores are done. The hard part for me was deciding when to do things and that is where learning the natural flow of my week helped. This is how my Weekly Schedule turned out.

Weekly Chores-(part of morning schedule)

Monday is Kitchen Day- I do my weekly kitchen cleaning jobs and I want this to become a day where I set up my kitchen for the week. I check the pantry and frig and freezer and make a shopping list and a use list. Hopefully I've made a menu or picked out some recipes on Sunday. I also do most of my laundry.

Tuesday is Bathroom Day- I change my sheets, do more laundry and clean the powder room and guest bath. (I think of this as Bathrooms Day because I use to clean all my bathrooms on this day, but I started doing my master bath on a daily basis.) I also usually do some baking.

Wednesday is Errand Day- I do my major shopping and I try to plan apts. and errands for this day. I still go to groc. st. and run quick local errands on other days as needed.

Thursday is Desk Day- I do bills, filing, mail, budget. Also Baking Day- (Baking Day-started out as a day to do my baking for the week, I have found that I usually need two days for baking but I still bake something on this day.) I also wash floors.

Friday is Cleaning Day- I do the rest of the housework, vac and dust mainly.
Saturdays is Catch Up Day- Do everything that didn't get done, to do list, special projects.

Sundays is Day of Rest- church when I go. I'm trying to get myself to plan the next week on Sundays.


The afternoons are more loose but I've always seen that as my time to do whatever I want, but I often get a second wind in the afternoon and that's when I'll work in the garden or on a special project, right now I'm cleaning up the garage. Tea time is at 3 and dinner is by 6. I'm thinking of adding another hour of work to my schedule right after lunch to do those things that aren't on the weekly and daily lists.

 You make think it's obsessive to schedule my meals, but I started doing this as a way of cutting out grazing (constantly eating) and it also helps give a framework for my day. The times are approximate, not hard and fast. I may get hungry earlier or not be hungry, but they pretty much work.


So my evening routine starts with making dinner and cleaning up afterwards. I'm trying to train myself to leave the kitchen clean for the morning. I like to go up before tv time starts and take my bath and do some journaling and think about the next day. If I'm not watching anything on tv I read.

I realize because of my age and health issues I live a quiet life and am not as busy as many, but I have found that having some structure to my day makes me feel happier and I'm free to forgo it if I want to or need to.

I struggled all my life to find a schedule that worked for me and I think I've finally got there.

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