Friday, May 18, 2012

How My Schedule Works Pt 1

I've been working out the flow of my daily schedule. I've found that one hour segments work well for me. Having a routine especially in the morning really helps my day from getting away from me.

Morning Schedule-

The first hour I get dressed, make my bed, tidy the bathroom, start laundry if needed, I water my container garden if needed and have breakfast. It's leisurely, there is plenty of time.

 The second hour I do my quiet time and enjoy my tea, then I have a little computer time. The timer is my best friend here. Both these activities are things that I can get lost in so I do make myself stop when it's time to move on to starting my work. The afternoons are the time I can spend more time on a bible study or on the computer.

 The third hour I tidy the kitchen and start my weekly chores for the day and check my to do list. I have my priorities in my head or on a schedule for the day.

The forth hour starts with my break at 11 and then continues as needed to finish chores. I've also started taking a short walk before lunch. That is pretty much the end of my morning routine. Lunch is 12:30 or 1.

 If I have an early morning appointment or something else comes up it's easy to shift things to later in the day, but my day goes much better if I can stick to the program. Tomorrow in Pt 2 I'll talk about what my weekly schedule is and my afternoon and evenings.


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